Understanding Meditation, Its Origin, Its Types And Then Having A Look At Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation has numerous definition, some call it is an exercise for a mind to increase concentration, some call it is used to understand the purpose of your true soul, but in simplest term, it is the cessation of the thought process. It is described as a state of mind when it is free from scattered thoughts.


Origin of meditation:-


Its origin is not clearly known, but it is believed that it was in practice in 6th to 4th century by the Chinese Taoist and Indian Buddhist. Meditation means ‘to ponder’; it was in practice before the birth of modern civilization. The domain of meditation is very much vast that it becomes difficult to zero in the year of its formation. As mindfulness, contemplation, communion, chanting, trance etc come under the ambit of mediation.


The benefit of mediation:-

  • Many studies have found that meditation helps to reduce the anxiety, depression level to a significant level.


  • It promotes emotional health, raises self-esteem, brings a positive outlook towards life.


  • It enhances self-awareness, if you practice regularly, you will have a strong understanding of yourself. This can help you to control negative thoughts and emotions.


  • It is helpful in increasing the concentration level, which can help you to save your time to do the task.


  • You will be away from the age-related memory loss, controls blood pressure.


  • Apart from above-mentioned, you will be mentally and physically happy.


Types of meditation:-

  • There are various types of meditation, also there is no widely accepted list of meditation, that’s why you will find variation in names


  • As far as the majority of sources are concerned, there are following types of mediation
  1. Transcendental meditation- In this, a person sits in a lotus position thereby chanting a mantra.


  1. Heart rhythm meditation- This form focuses on the heart, for example, 8 times beats in and 8 times beat out.


  1. Kundalini- In this, inhale and exhale of breathing in divided into 4 parts of incremental intervals.


  1. Qi Gong- It is done to improve body posture and it was derived from Chinese society.


  1. Zazen- It is the heart of Zen Buddhist practice, also known as seated meditation, relies on self-guidance.


  1. Mindfulness- It comes from the Buddhist tradition; it is all about acknowledging reality, accepting scattered thoughts and understands the present.


Guided meditation:-

It is a form of meditation in which a professional teacher (of mediation) teaches one or more person how meditation is done. It is done by teaching in person, via written letters, sound recording, video form etc.


Any type of meditation can become guided meditation if it is told step by step. Nowadays there are many centers where you can learn guided meditation. If you can’t afford then you can get the procedure online either on the web or by a mobile application.


Well, this article has helped you to know the basics of meditation in the simplest form. Now, you can try any of the forms by using the guided meditation lessons from the experts.